Thursday, August 6, 2015

Verum: How Skynet started as a context graph (bSides Las Vegas 2015)

Tuesday, I spoke at bSides Las Vegas in a talk titled Verum: How Skynet started as a context graph.  I covered a two things in the talk:  First, what the problem infosec defense is dealing with is.  Second, A machine learning algorithm and implementation called Verum that can put any piece of data in context and use it to think about a topic so as to come to a conclusion with a given confidence on the topic.  I ended on a word of warning about general AI and letting algorithms get too smart.  If that's something you might find interesting, take a look!  I've also posted the slides for those who'd like them.

I've also uploaded the subgraph memory that was retrieved during the demo.  This is the subgraph around IP  Hopefully this allows people to have a visual anchor for what the algorithms were doing.

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